Learn to Fly Young

HHSC’s Junior organization is one of only a handful of places in the United States that a young adult can learn to soar.  Part of HHSC’s education mission is to help Junior members get their start in aviation through sponsorship and subsidy of our Junior’s organization.

A trained and qualified person may fly solo in a glider at age 14, and may become an FAA-certified Private Pilot at age 16.

Students age 14 up to 18 are eligible to apply for membership in Harris Hill’s Juniors Organization. Accepted Junior members will receive free flight instruction, and pay substantially reduced rental fees while flying the club’s excellent fleet of sailplanes. Their commitment in return is to work duty shifts for several hours a month, providing important ground assistance while learning about safe flight operations and spending time with other Junior and Senior members.

IMG_0853A Great Parent/Child Activity

Many HHSC members and their teens belong to HHSC and learn to fly as a parent/child activity.  Spending time at the Hill and the excitement of learning to master a rare skill is infectious.  Many of our Junior members have a Senior member parent and even Grandparent.  Soaring runs in families and there are plenty of them at HHSC.  The low cost of pre-solo and post-solo junior flying makes parent/child membership in HHSC very affordable.

Learning to Fly Builds Maturity and Judgement

Once acclimated to their skills and responsibilities our Juniors demonstrate remarkable maturity, safety-awareness, and presence-of-mind while executing their ground duties and flight training.   HHSC members confidently entrust aircraft worth over $100,000 to Juniors as they acquire important skills in the science and sport of flying, as well as teamwork, and a life-long hobby.

Some juniors have earned their pilot’s license before their driver’s license, allowing them to pilot a glider at Harris Hill but not drive home.

Many of our former Junior members are now senior members and aviation professionals, commercial pilots, and world class competition sailplane pilots.  Our instructors -many of whom were Juniors at HHSC, keep a watchful eye over our Junior pilots and ensure that their training is conducted with safety as a top priority.  Juniors fly solo only when they repeatedly demonstrate they can do so  safely.  Even after solo, Junior pilots receive frequent flight checks from instructors to ensure that they continue to develop as proficiently and safely as possible.

Are you a teen between 14 and 18 who is up for the challenge and commitment of learning how to fly?  Take the first step by joining the Harris Hill Juniors program.  It could be the best decision you ever make.

Interested in joining?  Read the Detailed Junior Information Page and then contact our Junior member adviser Dave Corcoran at aviator.dcorcoran@gmail.com