View the Duty Schedule

The official schedule is online in ShiftPlanning. to see your duty assignment. (Forgot your I.D.? Email

You can also get the schedule on your smartphone – automatically! Find out how.

General Duty Information

We use an online schedule tool called ShiftPlanning

We use the online scheduling tool, ShiftPlanning. It is easy to use (see the short video, below), web based and there are apps for Android and IOS mobile devices.
Log in to Harris Hill’s ShiftPlanning tool here. If you have issues with ShiftPlanning or need your password reset, email the schedule at If you already have a Facebook I.D., you can set up ShiftPlanning to access it using your Facebook I.D. Find out more about ShiftPlanning in the video, below.

Schedule requests

All duty schedules CLOSE for inputs/requests two weeks prior to the schedule date. For example, any special requests or vacation notifications for, say, a June schedule must be made/input by May 15th.

Why you may be assigned more than one duty

We have approximately 98 members that can be scheduled for around 96 duties in a 4 week month. With people on vacation, out of town, or not possessing the right skill (e.g. not everyone is a commercial pilot), there are undoubtably going to be times when you must work doubles or be assigned to a duty you haven’t normally worked (most likely is to work a cash duty rather than a log duty). On months with 5 weekends, doubles for some of our members are almost certain. We try to spread out who works a double in that case.

The best way to make sure you get assigned the duty you want to be assigned is to request it in ShiftPlanning. Once you request the duty, others cannot request it and it is ‘reserved‘ for you. THAT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOU WON’T BE ASSIGNED ADDITIONAL DUTIES. The duty scheduler still has to ensure coverage for all days and may have to issue an additional assignment.