The data on the Waypoints and Landouts page will provide pilots and ground crews with information about waypoints and landouts in the region. There are ready-to-load GPS files to assist ground crews in retrieval of downed members and their ships. There may also be information about landing areas in the region, their aerial and ground approaches, and field conditions.  In addition, pilot information about our airspace and facility is available here.

This data is intended to be of assistance, but should not be considered solely authoritative. Pilots and ground crews assume all responsibility and liability for their use.

HHSC members are encouraged to submit their own ideas, comments and observations for this web page. This could include first person reports about landing sites in the region, specific landing landing hazards encountered, current field condition, tow out suggestions, photos, maps, etc. Up-to-date on-site inspection reports are particularly useful. Send your information to the Webmaster.


Turnpoint Repository – Huge repository of turnpoints for many soaring fields worldwide in both tabular form and as GPS and soaring flight computer downloadable files. Also has embedded links to road maps for most turnpoint sites. Includes Harris Hill turnpoints. Thanks to HHSC’s Roy McMaster and others, and the SSA for this one.

GPS Files for Remote Retrieve Crews

Garmin GPS files have been constructed by HHSC’s Ron Waclawik to assist ground crews in remote retrieves of downed pilots. They are available in several formats (text files, Garmin Nuvi, Garmin non-Nuvi). Using Google Earth Ron has optimized the roadway routings to provide the best access points for each field. This will greatly enhance the accuracy of the ground crews retrieval hunt. The text file formats allow manual entry of longitude/latitude coordinates into non-Garmin GPS’s. Best results will be had with auto-routing GPS receivers.

  1. Landout Retrieve Files (.gpx) for Garmin Nuvi GPS


 Nuvi A-C


Nuvi D-H

Nuvi I-M

Nuvi N-S

Nuvi T-Z 

Instructions for how to use the files


2.  Landout Retrieve Files (.gdb) for other (non-Nuvi) Garmin GPS



3.  Plain Text File of Coordinates for Manual Entry in any GPS