HHSC Fleet

HHSC members enjoy access to a large variety of aircraft for club soaring.  We own 13 aircraft (11 sailplanes, 2 tow planes) along with approximately 30 privately owned gliders.  Our aircraft range from basic trainers to high performance cross-country competition aircraft.

Junior soaring day, 2013P1010599IMG_0854Schweizer SGS2-33

HHSC owns and operates 3 SGS2-33’s, numbers 1, 2, and 3.  We rely on them as our primary training aircraft for new students and transitioning power pilots.  The 2-33’s are special since Schweizer Aircraft Corporation was located in Elmira and built these aircraft at the nearby Elmira airport.

Operating manual located here.

Schweizer SGS1-26

  We own a single SGS1-26.  Our 1-26 is the primary single seat transition glider from the 2-33.  Once students master the 2-33, and having reached solo, they can move to the single seat 1-26, which has similar glide performance in a much lighter airframe.

Operating manual located here, specifications here.

Schweizer SGS1-34

Number 5 is our only SGS1-34.  Our 1-34 is our high performance transition glider.  The 1-34 introduces our students to an aircraft with higher glide performance and speed, providing the experience necessary before they move up to the ASK-21.

Operating manual here,specifications here.

Schleicher ASK-21

Harris Hill operates four of the popular Schleicher ASK-21’s, numbers 6, 7, 8, and 11.  The sleek all fiberglass 2 seat ASK-21 combines high performance with extremely docile flight characteristics, making it the perfect glider for all around Saturday afternoon soaring and passenger rides.  Operating manual located here.


Schempp-Hirth Discus CS

We own one Discus CS for club use.  The Discus is a high performance 42:1 glide ratio single seat glider that was a dominant competition level aircraft in the mid and late 1980’s and continues to be very competitive in the Sport and Standard class categories.  Operating manual located here.

Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus

We own one Duo Discus for cross country training.  The Duo Discus is a two seat version of the Discus with high performance 44:1 glide ratio.  Prospective cross country students are taught by experienced CFI’s and perform their Single seat Discus checkout in the Duo.

Piper Pawnee

Our two Piper Pawnees are the hardest workers at Harris Hill and the mainstay of the towplane fleet.  With plenty of horsepower to tow the heavier ASK-21‘s with two people, the Pawnees are the normal method of getting aloft at Harris Hill.

IMG_0858Piper Super Cub

We own a single Piper Super Cub, upgraded to a 180hp engine and a climb propeller.  The Super Cub serves as a backup to our Pawnees and a vehicle for training new tow pilots.