July 1-8, 2017: Region 3 contest and Junior cross country camp and contest

July 1-8 Harris Hill will host the Region 3 soaring contest and concurrently host a Junior camp and contest.

This year the contest will be run side-by-side with the US Junior Camp and Contest. We expect a lot of youthful enthusiasm.  There will be several two seat gliders taking junior camp participants on racing flights. Cross country seminars will be held each morning for young pilots.

The best time to watch the gliders is in the morning around 11am (this time can vary by several hours) depending on the conditions.  Gliders will be gridded up and taking off one after the other once the contest is started.

Watching them arrive in the evening is also a great sight but less predicatable, depending on the length of the task and how strong conditions are for the day.  Gliders are usually back around 4pm but could be earlier or later, again depending on the conditions, and arrive staggered based on their speed around the course.